Your question: How much is 2K21 on PS4 Black Friday?

The NBA 2K21 Standard Edition is available for $29.99 throughout Black Friday.

Is 2K21 cheaper on Black Friday?

NBA 2K21 will be on sale at a variety of retailers for Black Friday, but the best deal of the bunch so far comes from GameStop, where the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch editions will be discounted to $27 (more than 50% off).

How much will 2K21 cost on Black Friday?

2K Games offers the NBA 2K21 Standard Edition for $29.99 through Black Friday, a deal you can take advantage of until 30 November for PS4, and 2 December for Xbox One.

Will NBA 2K21 be free on PS4?

For those interested, NBA 2K21 is available for free in the Epic Games Store Vault and is available now until May 27, 2021, at 11:00 a.m. Eastern. … At the end of that freebie period, a different free game will be revealed.

How much will 2K21 cost on Cyber Monday?

NBA 2K21 is $27 at GameStop and Amazon (usually $60), the lowest price ever. The Xbox Series X / S version of the game is on sale at Amazon for $61 (usually $70).

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Is 2K21 going to go on sale?

NBA 2K21 just hit Xbox Game Pass, but there’s also good news for anyone wanting to snag the full Standard Edition on Current Gen platforms. NBA 2K21 is now on sale with a big discount, up to 67% off, for players on Xbox One, PS4, and PC!

How much does 2K21 cost?

QUITE A DEBUT: Zion Williamson has made the cover for NBA 2K21’s next-gen version of the Standard Edition in his rookie season! It will be £64.99 / $69.99 for a next-gen copy!

Will 2K21 be on PS5?

Sony’s exciting new console will improve gaming for everyone, including fans of the 2K sim. NBA 2K21 has been out for a while, but the next-gen version is now here as the PS5 arrives! 2K has released practically a brand new game for next-gen, with massive upgrades and improvements across the board.

How much is 2K21 on Christmas?

Next-gen releases of NBA 2K21 will launch afterwards this Holiday 2020 at an increased pricepoint of $69.99.

Will 2K21 be on next-gen?

2K is going a few steps further with the next-gen edition of NBA 2K21. Instead of just relying on a promise of increased performance and shorter load times, 2K21 introduces several major content additions exclusive to next-gen consoles, from a new WNBA career mode to “The City,” an expansive multiplayer hub.

Is NBA 2K21 still free?

NBA 2K21 is the latest freebie to join Epic Games Store’s weekly promotion. Here’s how to download the popular basketball game. NBA 2K21 is available as a free download on the Epic Games Store. As part of its ongoing battle with PC gaming platform Steam, Epic offers a free game to customers each week.

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Can PS4 play with PS5 2K?

Yes, the divide that existed between video game generations for decades is officially a thing of the past. Users on the PS5 can play alongside users on the PS4 and vice versa. PlayStation gamers of either generation will also be able to use online multiplayer with users of either Xbox generation.

Do you need PlayStation Plus for NBA 2K21?

No. It’s an online only game. You play it online against up to 59 other people. And in order to access online play on PS4 (or PS5) you need a subscription to PS+.

Will PS5 be on Cyber Monday?

Best Buy PS5 Restock

While the PS5 is not featured in the store’s Cyber Monday sale, Best Buy has plenty of other offers for gamers, including deals on Xbox wireless controllers, Nintendo Switch bundles, and video games.

How much is the PS5 for Black Friday?

You’ll find the Sony PS5 console featured in Best Buy’s Black Friday 2020 ad this year for $499.99 (see below). Just be quick to pick it up as soon as it goes live early on Sunday morning, November 22, 2020 at because it’s expected to sell out lightning fast.

Where can I buy a PS5 on Cyber Monday?

PS5: Where to buy a PlayStation 5 on Cyber Monday

  • GameStop. GameStop’s weekly ad runs from Sunday, November 29 through Saturday, December 5. …
  • Best Buy. Best Buy’s Cyber Monday deals are already live and there’s no mention of the PlayStation 5. …
  • Target. …
  • Walmart. …
  • Amazon.
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