Your question: Does build a bear do birthday discounts?

Bring the birthday boy or girl into our Workshop stores to count their candles any day during their birthday month, and the age they are turning is how much it costs to make their own Birthday Treat Bear – no coupon needed! Plus, Bonus Club Members get a FREE birthday gift for every birthday added to their account.

Is build-a-bear doing Pay Your Age 2021?

Build-A-Bear Workshop Cancels Popular In-Store “Pay Your Age” Day Event In Response To COVID-19.

When can you get a free Build-a-Bear?

It’s free to sign up for those 18 or order. Birthday kids can come into the store a Bonus Club member, or an adult over the age of 18 who signs up to become a Bonus Club member, during the month of their birthday to pay their age for the Birthday Treat Bear.

Is there an age limit for Build-a-Bear?

It’s true that our furry friends appeal to kids of all ages. But please note that our stuffed animals are appropriate for kids ages 2 and up. Our clothing and accessories are appropriate for children ages 3 and up.

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Is build a bear expensive?

On the Build-A-Bear website, there are a number of animals to choose from. They range anywhere from $10 up to about $65 and might cost more depending on what is chosen.

How much does it cost to build a bear at Build-A-Bear?

Type of Animal Average Price
Promise Pets $25 for just the animal

Can adults go to build a bear?

Build-A-Bear says adults (or kids at heart) who are older than 29 will only have to pay $29 for a bear, even if its regular price is $35 or more. The deal is only available to Build-A-Bear Bonus Club members, but it’s free to join.

Can I get a free Build a Bear?

Do you get a free Build-A-Bear on your birthday? Not necessarily. Bonus Club members will get a free gift on their birthday, however, that does not mean a free bear. Children can come in and pay their age for a birthday bear anytime during their birthday month with the Count Your Candles promotion for a fun experience.

How much does the build a bear with the voice cost?

You start at around $15 to $25 for the basic “bear” that is stuffed by you. (FYI, Downtown Disney has higher prices than most Build a Bear locations by a few dollars.) Then they ask you if you want a sound chip, another $10 or so. Then the outfit, clothing, underwear, shoes, accessories.

Can you work at Build a Bear at 14?

How old you have to be to work at build a bear workshop. It is required to be at least 18 or older to work here.

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Can u return a build a bear?

A refund is available with the original proof of purchase from Build-A-Bear Workshop. … If you do not have an original proof of purchase, we will exchange or provide merchandise credit for any returned product at our discretion. Please note that shipping fees are non-refundable.

Is build a bear safe?

Build-A-Bear pay strict attention to product safety standards. When our Guests bring home furry friends — and their accessories — they can trust that we at Build-A-Bear take safety very seriously and pay strict attention to product safety standards. All of our products are produced from high-quality materials.

What do you get from Build-a-Bear on your birthday?

When you bring your child in to celebrate their birthday, they‘ll also get all this (at no extra cost): Special Birthday Heart Ceremony (with a Birthday Heart for their bear) Birthday cake photo prop, sticker and party hat. Turn ringing the Birthday Bell.

How long does it take to build-a-bear at Build a Bear?

Building a stuffed animal at Build-A-Bear Workshop typically takes about 20 minutes if there is no line, customer service representatives said. Service lines on weekends, holidays, and during special sales events will add time to your Build-A-Bear visit.

What is the average price of a build-a-bear?

On average, the basic Build-a-Bear animal is going to cost at least $10 to $25 without any clothing. As you add each additional piece of clothing, you will have to plan on adding a certain amount for each garment or accessory.

Type of Animal Average Price
Promise Pets – $25 for just the animal
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