What is the Starbucks cup discount?

Bringing back personal reusable cups is a key part of Starbucks ongoing commitment to reduce single-use cup waste and goal to reduce waste by 50% by 2030. … To encourage customers to choose reusable and reduce single-use cup waste, Starbucks will continue offering customers a $. 10 discount on their beverage of choice.

Do you get a discount with a Starbucks cup?

Anytime you bring your own mug or tumbler, Starbucks rewards you with a $0.10 cup discount. Filling up a 16+ ounce tumbler should cost you over $2, but the discount helps keep it under that. I always carry mine around, as it’s far greener than using and throwing away paper cups every day.

Do you get a discount with Starbucks red cups?

The chain always offers $0.10 off with any old reusable cup, and while you still can’t technically use it for an actual refill, you can score the 10 cents off if you bring a reusable cup and show it when you order… if you find that to be worth the effort.

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How do you get a Starbucks discount?

16 Super-Easy Ways to Get Cheap Starbucks Drinks on the Regular

  1. Sign up for Starbucks Rewards. …
  2. Snag seconds with the Starbucks free refill policy. …
  3. Enjoy $2 iced lattes. …
  4. Use discount gift cards. …
  5. BYOC (bring your own cup). …
  6. For a cheap Starbucks drink for two, split a venti with a friend. …
  7. Cut out the ice.

What happens when you bring your own cup to Starbucks?

With the new system, customers must arrive with already cleaned cups which will then be placed in a ceramic mug. The Starbucks barista will make drinks while holding only the mug, and then the mug will be brought back to the customer who will remove their cup themselves.

Are Starbucks refills free?

Free refill(s) of hot or iced brewed coffee and tea.

Starbucks Rewards members may receive free refills of hot or iced brewed coffee or tea during the same store visit at participating Starbucks stores.

Can Starbucks use your cup?

Only clean cups will be accepted; Starbucks partners will not be able to clean them for customers. In addition, the company is currently testing safe options for allowing personal reusable cups via the drive thru, but for now personal reusable cups will only be accepted in stores.

How do I get a free cup at Starbucks?

To see it, all you have to do is open the app on your phone, open the ‘scan’ tab, and tap the Star balance in the top left corner. You can then ask your barista to apply the coupon at the register if you’re at the store, or click Redeem in the email if you’re ordering ahead.

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What does Starbucks red cup mean?

In addition to the holiday menu, Starbucks is giving customers who buy a handcrafted holiday beverage of any size at participating stores on Friday a free red collectible holiday cup that’s reusable, the coffee chain says. …

What can I get at Starbucks for $2?

$2 Starbucks Drinks

Get a cheap $2 Starbucks Iced Latte by ordering a triple shot espresso over ice in a venti cup and add milk and honey (or sugar) at the bar.

What is the cheapest thing to get at Starbucks?

How To Make Your Starbucks Order Cheaper

  • Seasonal teas (with or without lemonade) Price: Tall, $2.75. …
  • Cold brew. Price: Tall, $2.94. …
  • Starbucks Fizzio handcrafted sodas. Price: Tall, $2.45, Grande, $2.95. …
  • Iced coffee. Price: Tall, $2.25, Grande, $2.65, Venti, $2.95.

Can Starbucks baristas give free drinks?

We get free drinks up to 30 minutes before a shift, up to 30 minutes after a shift and during the shift.

Is it true Starbucks refills are 50 cents?

Refills for 50 Cents

Any time throughout the day and on any size, you can refill your cup with brewed coffee for just 50 cents during the same visit. … They have to be either hot coffee, iced coffee, hot tea, or iced tea. You can get a refill even if your original drink was not one of the ones mentioned above.

What drinks do you get free refills on at Starbucks?

What you can get is “brewed coffee (hot, iced coffee or cold brew), and tea (hot, or iced),” Starbucks’ Customer Service reports. The final stipulation you need to be aware of when getting after a free refill is that you’re not able to leave the store after ordering your first drink.

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Is a cup of water at Starbucks free?

Free water

If you like to drink water with your coffee (coffee can be dehydrating, after all), don’t pay for bottled water: You can get filtered water for free at Starbucks.

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