How do you get a free dog on free fire?

How do you get Freefire pets for free?

Step by step guide on How to claim Moony pet in Garena Free Fire. Step 1: Go to the in-game Diamond Top Up section & select your desired Top-up. Step 2: After payment is done, go to the Event section & tap on Moony Top up. Step 3: Click on the ‘Claim’ option beside to collect the respective reward.

How do you get a dog on Free Fire?

Procuring dog tags in Free Fire

  1. They have to play guild tournaments to earn dog tags, which happens only on certain occasions.
  2. Players can play any of the modes, be it Classic or Clash Squad. …
  3. Users should play with fellow guild members as they can earn more dog tags collectively.

How do you get the Free Fire pet in 2021?

Obtaining Dr Beanie pet in Free Fire through top up event

The new pet is currently only available as part of the top up event. It is accessible from July 14th, 2021, to July 20th, 2021. Players can get Dr Beanie for free by purchasing 100 diamonds, which is much less when compared to the cost of other pets.

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How do you get free pets on Free Fire 2020?

The simplest way to get a pet in Free Fire is to buy one from the in-game shop using Diamonds. Different pets have different prizes depending on what they can do. Some pets look better than other and some pets have a skill while others don’t. The prize can be from only 100 Diamonds up to few hundreds of Diamonds.

Which is the best pet in Free Fire?

Top five pets in Free Fire as of March 2021

  • Detective Panda in Free Fire.
  • Ottero in Free Fire.
  • Mr. Waggor in Free Fire.

How do you get Free Fire pets without diamonds 2020?

How To Get Pet In Free Fire Without Diamond – Special Airdrop

  1. Clear Free Fire data and cache: Go to Setting => Applications => Free Fire => Clear Data/ Clear Cache.
  2. Only play Classic mode for a month, no Clash Squad, Ranked Game, and you will get more Special Airdrop.

What is the Redeem Code of Free Fire 2020?

Valid Codes – FF Global

These are the codes you can redeem to get some free diamonds, skins and other exclusive in-game items: 7711DA7XFCPDW – Redeem this code. XLMMVSBNV6YC – Redeem this code. BYWL56K44RKH – Redeem this code.

How many pets can you have in a Free Fire?

In total, there are ten pets present in the Free Fire game. There are different pets in the game ranging from Falco, a flying falcon to detective panda.

How do you get free emote on Free Fire?

Steps to get free emotes in Free Fire

Step 2: On the main menu, look for the in-game store icon on the top right corner of your mobile screen. Step 3: Next, click on the ‘collection page’. Step 4: As soon as you visit the collection page, you will come across the wide range of emotes offered by the store.

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How do you get free Panda on Free Fire?

Detective Panda in Free Fire

At level five, players get 7 HP upon killing a foe. It also has a skin called Wild Panda, and you have to spend 699 diamonds to get this pet.

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