Does SoftMoc have Black Friday sales?

LivingSocial Black Friday deals are now LIVE!

Does Soft Moc have coupons?

How often does SoftMoc release new coupons? As of today, SoftMoc has 35 active coupons and offers.

How much do you have to spend to get free shipping at SoftMoc?

We are pleased to offer FREE shipping to a SoftMoc Location for your convenient pickup on items $0.00 and up, after discounts! For items below $0.00 we are able to offer a discounted shipping charge of only $0.00 to a SoftMoc location of your choice!

How do you get free shipping on SoftMoc?

In-store Pick-up

Shop online and pick up at any SoftMoc location! Simply place an order on as normal and select “In-Store Pickup” for FREE delivery to any SoftMoc Location of your choice.

Does Soft Moc offer military discount?

No, SoftMoc does not offer military discounts.

Does SoftMoc accept SPC?

SoftMoc: SoftMoc offers a 10% discount on regular price and sale footwear to Canadian students who have an ISIC membership card. Available at select stores only (source). St Francis Xavier University Campus Store: Students who have a valid SPC card can get 10% off at St Francis Xavier University Campus Store.

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Is SoftMoc good quality?

Generally, no – imo, the SoftMoc brand is noticeably inferior to the name brands it sells in its stores. However, some SoftMoc styles are better than others, in terms of quality.

Is Soft Moc a Canadian company?

In 1996 SoftMoc became the first Online Shoe Store in Canada, and one of the first in North America. We offered a fully transactional eCommerce Experience. We wanted our fans to be able to reach us through any means, and we accepted orders via fax, telephone and email.

Where is SoftMoc made?

– SoftMoc ‘Made in Canada‘ Moccasin Collection.

Will SoftMoc moccasins stretch?

Like many leather items, moccasins will stretch naturally with wear. … To get shoes that fit as though they were custom-made for you, buy your moccasins a little tight, then stretch them out gently at home. Put on a pair of thick socks, and pull the moccasins on over them.

Does Bell offer military discount?

No, Bell does not offer military discounts.

Does Rogers have a military discount?

The 20% military discount can be used on eligible purchase online or in-store. Because Rogers want to thank all military members and veterans for everything they do for the country.

Does the bay have a military discount?

No, Hudson’s Bay does not offer military discounts.

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