Does ee do military discount?

How to claim your EE Forces Discount? EE Mobile offer our Armed Forces Personnel 20% Discount on Mobile Phone Contracts and Mobile Broadband. You need a discount code prior to purchasing your phone or mobile broadband. You can do this through the EE Perk Portal, where you need a valid email address and payslip.

How do I get my military discount on EE?

How do I sign up to benefit from the discount? Online registration must be completed using a valid work email or employee ID via the EE registration page. Once the registration details have been verified by EE, an email will be sent back with a link to the EE online portal where discount codes can be generated.

What phone companies offer a military discount?

Military Discounts on Cellphone Plans

  • AT&T. AT&T offers exclusive discounts to military and veteran families. …
  • Boost Mobile. Boost Mobile will allow service men and women to keep their accounts and phone numbers while deployed overseas. …
  • T-Mobile. …
  • U.S. Cellular. …
  • Verizon.
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Who gets discount at EE?

The discount can only be used by eligible employees and up to four members of your friends and family or, if you do not use it for yourself, up to five members of your friends and family. The discount is only available online from EE, or via EE retail stores and telesales teams.

Who is eligible for EE perks?

Terms and Conditions. To be eligible, you must be an EE Corporate customer employee and you, or members of your family and friends, must either join EE as a new customer on a consumer pay monthly plan or be an existing EE customer on a consumer pay monthly plan that is eligible for upgrade.

Is EE the most expensive?

EE is the UK’s largest mobile operator in terms of customers and has the fastest, most widespread 4G network of any operator. … EE has a reputation for being more expensive than the competition, and other providers claim to have better customer service.

Does O2 do military discount?

GET 25% DISCOUNT WITH O2 MILITARY DISCOUNT. 1You will be sent to the O2 website.

Does Best Buy offer military discount?

While Best Buy doesn’t offer a military discount, several other major brands do. Those include stores like Home Depot, Apple, Verizon, and more.

Can veterans get free cell phones?

Veterans who receive the Veterans Pension and/or Survivors Pensions benefits are now eligible for a free cell phone through the national Lifeline Program.

Is the T-Mobile military discount worth it?

To top it off, the savings are greater when you add more phones (half-off the next five lines, compared to standard pricing). Overall, this is a great plan, at a great price. Let’s take a look at the T-Mobile Military Discount, including features, cost, and eligibility.

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How do I get 20% off EE?


You must join or upgrade via and provide us with your Student Beans code before placing an order. The discount cannot be applied retrospectively and will be applied to one eligible price plan only. At the end of your plan’s minimum term, the discount will be automatically removed.

What is EE Perk?

This discount is available to employees of companies that are registered to the EE Perk scheme. Each employee can use the offer on five EE plans in total, which can be shared with friends and family. Please note: the EE Perk discount is not eligible with 5G on EE.

What is perk EE?

If you’re eligible for an upgrade with EE and have a perk discount code to use, you can apply the discount using a new code. You can do this through the EE Perk portal where you are able to generate your 20% discount code.

How do I claim my ee perk?

How it works

  1. Visit the EE Perk page and register with your NHS email address or valid NHS photo ID to get your 20% off discount code.
  2. Choose your pay monthly phone, SIM or broadband plan.
  3. Enter your discount code at checkout where it says “Got a gift voucher?”

Do Ee do teacher discount?

20% off for teachers is now available – The EE Community.

How do I set up my family on EE?

How it works:

  1. open the MY EE app.
  2. go to Family Usage.
  3. choose who needs data.
  4. choose who’s gifting.
  5. choose the amount.
  6. send the Data Gift.
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