Does Carnival offer military discounts on excursions?

We salute our military with reduced rates! For additional information, quotes, or to book your reservation contact a Military agency, any travel agent, call 1-800-CARNIVAL or visit Applicable to active and retired U.S Military and Canadian National Defense members.

Do military get discounts on cruises?

Through Carnival’s Military Discounts program, active U.S. military personnel can book one “Fun Ship” Carnival stateroom at savings of up to 50 percent off published fares. Special rates are available for a limited time only on a wide variety of “Fun Ship” departures.

Can Carnival onboard credit be used for excursions?

Guests who choose to keep their coming bookings will receive the money as onboard credits, which function like money and can be used for drinks, excursions, and other purchases on board. The credit will be automatically applied to the passengers’ accounts, the cruise line said.

Is the Armed Forces Vacation Club legitimate?

Is It Legit? The Armed Forces Vacation Club is a website that helps you book stays at over 200,000 resorts or hotels in more than 100 different countries. … And, yes, it’s a legit site through which you can book actual resort stays around the world.

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Does Viking offer military discount?

No, Viking River Cruises does not offer military discounts.

Can onboard credit be used in Casino?

Can onboard credit be used in casinos? Yes, as of July 1, 2015, onboard credit can be used in our casinos. Is there a transaction fee in the casinos? Yes, a 5% transaction fee will be applied on your SeaPass® card.

Can you use on board credit for excursions?

Commonly abbreviated as “OBC” or referred to as “shipboard credit”, onboard credit can be thought of as a gift card of sorts for a specific cruise – money that you can use on your cruise for any number of things, including beverages, shore excursions, retail purchases, and more.

Can you get off a cruise ship without an excursion?

Tour on Your Own – Some Cruise Lines Will Let Cruisers Off Ships Without Shore Excursions. When cruising resumed in Europe last year, cruise lines restricted guests from going ashore unless they were on an excursion booked through the cruise line.

Does Armed Forces Vacation Club offer cruises?

Our cruise discounts apply to all U.S and Canadian active duty, retired and honorably discharged military personnel (veterans) – and their friends and family. Even military members from OTHER countries are able to book most cruises with us. Email us to inquire!

What does mandatory all-inclusive mean?

Mandatory means that you must participate in all-inclusive and are required to pay the associated fees.

What is R&R vacation?

Rest and recuperation breaks are periods of leave away from the duty station with full pay for the relief of stress. It is granted to eligible employees who are required to work in difficult or hazardous areas.

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Is Viking cruises in financial trouble?

Viking Cruises Founder Loses 66% Of Wealth As Pandemic Hits Norway’s Richest. Travel and lifestyle in Europe with a focus on Norway & Scandinavia.

What does 2 for 1 deposit mean on Viking cruises?

Yes Excellent way to go on Viking on the two for one, it means that the normal price is for example 2500.00 is what you will pay instead of regular price of 5000.00 so they take your price cut it in half which includes your air from the states and gives you the two for one price.

Will Viking cruises sail in 2021?

Starting in July 2021, five of Viking’s most popular European river cruises are back. They’re in addition to the first 2021 itineraries Viking launched in Bermuda, Iceland, the UK, and Malta. They’re only for vaccinated passengers.

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