Your question: How do I get a second Tesco discount card?

Second card: If you are an eligible colleague of Tesco UK (excluding Jack’s colleagues) or Tesco Bank, you can order one second Colleague Clubcard for a family member, who is a relative, partner, civil partner, spouse or carer, over 18 years of age, living permanently with you at the address we hold for you on company …

Can you have 2 Tesco Clubcards?

My Clubcard Account

If two Clubcard members live at the same address you can merge your accounts by contacting us. For data protection purposes, both members must be available to talk to the member of staff. Once merged, you will both be named members on a joint Clubcard account which both of you will have control of.

How do I get a second Tesco colleague Clubcard?

For Colleague Clubcards, please contact the contact centre on 0800 085 3575. For Tesco Bank Credit Card, please call 0845 300 4278, choose option 1.

Can I get another Tesco Clubcard?

Replace your Clubcard

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No problem. Replacing them is easy and free.

Can my wife use my Tesco Clubcard?

My Clubcard Account

All cards are issued to the Clubcard member named on the account and must not be transferred in any way. But if you have friends or family living at the same address as you and they are over the age of 18, you could give them one of your key fobs to help you collect points faster.

Do you have to pay for a Tesco Clubcard?

Tesco Clubcard is a scheme which rewards members with exclusive deals both in store and online. … All you have to do is download the Clubcard app from the app store or sign up on the Clubcard website online. It is completely free to sign up for a Tesco Clubcard, so it’s worth signing up!

How much do Tesco pay an hour?

The basic hourly rate for Tesco staff is £9.30, but staff also get paid time and a quarter for Sunday and all bank holiday shifts. Workers can get 10% off their grocery shopping, which increases to 15% on payday weekends.

How much discount do Tesco employees get?

You’ll get your Colleague Clubcard giving you 15% off after every pay day for a four-day period and 10% the rest of the month on most Tesco purchases. You can also join our ‘Buy As You Earn’ and ‘Save As You Earn’ share schemes.

Do Tesco staff get bookers discount?

10% Booker Staff discount. … 15% Tesco discount 13 times a year.

Can I still use my old Tesco Clubcard?

Your old card and key fob will only continue to work for a short period of time, so we recommend you dispose of them in a secure way; as you would with a bank card, cut them up and put them in household waste. All your points are already linked to your new Clubcard.

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Can you use Tesco big shop online?

So you can get up to a £20 discount off two shops. But these discounts can only be applied in store, and cannot be used online. If you typically do one big shop a month of over £200 but less than £400, you’ll have to split this into two purchases at the checkout to get the discount.

What are Tesco key fobs for?

Pop one on your keys, and give one to another member of your household so they can collect points for you.

Does Tesco have an app?

How do I update my Tesco Mobile app on an Android device? You can download our pay monthly app or pay as you go app in the Google Play Store. … (Tesco Mobile App updates are free, as are most other app updates.

How do I check my Tesco vouchers?

How to check if you have vouchers expiring

  1. Sign into My Clubcard Account here.
  2. Select ‘My Vouchers’ and you’ll find a list of all your vouchers.
  3. You can either print them at home to spend in store or use the voucher codes online.

How do I add points to my Tesco Clubcard from old receipts online?

To claim your money back all you’ll need to do is log in to the Clubcard section on and click on the “My Vouchers” tab, which shows your voucher history, including which points haven’t been spent yet. These unused ones can then instantly be spent online.

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