How Much Is PS Plus for a year on Black Friday?

Black Friday or no, this service is a major boon for gamers—especially during the pandemic. Luckily, thanks to Black Friday, you can get a killer deal on 12 months of PlayStation Plus at just $29.99 (priced over half off).

How Much Is PS Plus on Black Friday?

Right now you can score a digital code good for a full year of PlayStation Plus for $33 on Eneba. That’s less than the $39.99 price tag we saw during Black Friday and Cyber Week. Normally, a 12-month subscription costs $59.99.

Is PS Plus cheaper on Black Friday?

But that’s not all – Black Friday also brings discounts on PlayStation Plus! For a limited time only, save 25% on a 12-month PlayStation Plus membership* with access to online multiplayer, monthly games, 100GB of cloud storage, as well as exclusive discounts on PS Store.

How Much Is PS Plus for a year right now?

There are three payment options for PS Plus: a monthly payment of $9.99, a quarterly payment of $24.99 and a yearly payment of $59.99.

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How Much Is PS Plus on Cyber Monday?

Luckily, thanks to Cyber Monday, you can get a killer deal on 12 months of PlayStation Plus, which is currently going for just $31.99—that’s more than $90 off the cost you’d pay pay month-to-month!

Is there a way to get PS Plus for free?

If you’re from an eligible country, do the following to activate your PlayStation Plus free trial: Log in to your country’s PlayStation Plus website. In the top right corner, click on Join or Renew PS Plus if you don’t have an account. Select a plan that works for you.

Is there any way to get PS Plus for free?

Vodafone and Fastweb, with some solutions dedicated to fixed telephony, allow you to get one year of free subscription to PlayStation Plus. … To retrieve the PlayStation Plus voucher associated with your Fastweb subscription, you must connect to MyFastPage, log in and go to the Digital Life section.

Can you play online without PS+?

No. Oddly enough, any game in PlayStation Now can be played online without an active PlayStation Plus membership. … However, if you want to transfer your PS Now game saves from console over to PC for whatever reason, you will need a PS Plus membership to do so.

Is PS Plus worth it 2020?

PS Plus: Is It Worth It? In short, yes. A PlayStation Plus membership is absolutely worth the price of admission. For £49.99 in the UK and $59.99 in the US, a 12-month subscription will give you access to at least 36 free PS5 and PS4 games.

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How Much Is PS Plus for 6 months?

This is a paid-for ongoing subscription. You will be charged a recurring fee of $71.99 every 6 months until you cancel the subscription. Prices subject to change.

Can you use PS Plus on PS5?

The PlayStation Plus Collection is a benefit for PS Plus members with a PS5. It means that PS5 owners will be able to download and play a selection of PS4 titles at no extra cost. … If you’re looking for a list of all PS Plus games in 2021, check the link.

Do you need PlayStation Plus to play online PS5?

PlayStation Plus online multiplayer

In order to play most PS4 and PS5 games in online multiplayer, you need to have a PlayStation Plus subscription. Some games don’t require a subscription, check PlayStation™Store to see if PlayStation Plus is required for online play.

Can you play warzone without PS+?

Do You Need PlayStation Plus To Play Call Of Duty: Warzone? Here’s some good news for you: you do not need PlayStation Plus in order to play Call of Duty: Warzone online. Warzone is a free-to-play game, similar to Apex Legends and Warframe, and luckily, you do not require PS+ in order to play free-to-play games on PSN.

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