How many free samples can you get at lush?

To the best of my knowledge, LUSH will send a free sample or two with every online order, but I think the samples are a surprise. I haven’t ordered online in a while, so if you’d like to know the current policy, you can call customer care whose phone number should be at the bottom of the website.

How do you get free stuff from Lush?


  1. You can ask for free samples in store.
  2. You can (usually) get free demonstrations of products (not during coronavirus restrictions though)
  3. Take products at the back of the shelf for fresher stock.
  4. You can resuse bath bombs if you take them out halfway.
  5. Take in five old black pots for a free face mask.

Does Lush still do samples?

Does Lush offer product samples? We frequently include product samples when we ship purchased items. Unfortunately we are unable to ship samples separately due to the volume of requests that we receive.

Can you get Lush testers online?

We can only send samples out online with an online order I’m afraid. If you want this in an alternate store I can arrange that at a time…

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Why is everything at Lush out of stock?

Lush says the shortage is the result of supply chain issues.

According to Lush, its shortage is because essential ingredients were out of stock due to supply chain issues, which, according to Insider, could be a result of two worldwide problems: the COVID pandemic and the recent Suez Canal blockage last month.

Why is lush so expensive?

The majority of the cost of the product is in packaging, shipping, advertising, manufacturing overhead, etc etc. For what it’s worth, Lush’s ingredients are probably a bit more expensive than most other “regular” brands.

Does lush give free samples?

As mentioned in other answers, you can get free samples in store whether you make a purchase or not. LUSH staff are trained to give samples to every customer as part of the customer experience.

Is Lush closed during lockdown?

Whilst we sadly cannot interact in person at the moment, with our retail stores temporarily closed, we will be using our digital spaces to provide Lush updates and entertainment for you during this uncertain time.

Is Lush delivery during lockdown?

Lush has lifted the lid on a new ‘fresh’ subscription service for customers while Covid-19 restrictions remain in place. For £35 a month, including next day delivery, consumers will receive a selection of Lush’s freshest cosmetics and posy of flowers.

Is Lush still taking black pots?

Did you know you can return five clean black and clear pots to any Lush store in exchange for a free fresh face mask? We chip them down and remold them into new pots in a closed recycling loop.

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Does LUSH have free shipping?

Today’s Lush Top Offers:

Free Shipping on Orders Over $50. Free Shipping on Orders $55+

Do Lush UK give samples?

usually they’ll give you no more than 5 samples depending on the order.

Does LUSH have a stock?

Lush is a privately owned company with a small number of shares available on an invitation basis only.

How long does it take for Lush to restock?

According to Insider, Dan Dresser, one of Lush’s head manufacturers, said in 2016 that the company “keeps its inventory extremely small to avoid over-ripening or rotting, and turnaround can be as short as 24 hours from the factory to one of the 250 North American retail stores.” This means that the company typically …

Is it safe to buy from Lush?

Overall, the majority of Lush’s products contain natural ingredients as well as safe synthetics, but I personally prefer to avoid their shampoo and body wash line, which contains SLS, as well as some of their dusting powders, which contain talc. Talc’s tiny particles can become very dangerous to your lungs if inhaled.

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