How do I get LL Bean discounts?

How do I get 10% off at LL Bean?


Sign up to receive L.L.Bean emails. Save 10% on select merchandise purchased from L.L.Bean at, by phone, or at retail stores; not valid at L.L.Bean Outlets or through our and websites. Valid for one-time use only.

Does Llbean have senior discount?

No, L.L.Bean does not offer senior discounts.

Do LL Bean bags go on sale?

LL Bean has several sales throughout the year and bigger sales on the bigger shopping holidays like Black Friday and Thanksgiving. They also have a huge Winter Sale and Summer Sale that we’ll keep you in the know about. Anytime you can get a 20% off coupon is the best time to shop.

Is LL Bean a good brand?

L.L. Bean is a brand that has quite a reputation when it comes to the comfort and quality of their products, thus, depending on what you are looking for, the price for their designs can definitely be worth it.

Do Llbean employees get a discount?

All employees enjoy a 20-33.3% discount on L.L.Bean gear, apparel and merchandise.

Does Columbia have military discount?

Columbia offers a 10% off discount for Military, First Responders, and Teachers through Please login directly to to receive this discount.

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Does LL Bean have a Veterans Day sale?

Now through Veterans Day, L.L.Bean is giving your everyday 10% military discount a boost to 15%, online and in stores.

Are LL Bean and Lands End the same company?

No. They sell similar products in some areas and their customer bases likely have significant overlap (I shop both myself), but they are not the same company. L.L.Bean was founded in Freeport, Maine to sell Bean Boots , also known as the Maine Hunting Shoe. They specialize today in clothing and outdoor recreation.

Is LL Bean owned by Sears?

Lands’ End, which was bought by Sears in 2002, generated sales of $1.59 billion in 2012, down from $1.73 billion in 2011. Also, is LL Bean going out of business?

What company owns LL Bean?

Former L.L.Bean store at The Mall in Columbia c. 2009
Founder Leon Leonwood Bean
Headquarters 15 Casco Street Freeport, Maine, United States

Is LL Bean better than North Face?

LL Bean is good quality and has a good reputation. I would buy that one. Check the reviews and buy whichever comes in the color/style that you like better. North Face is not in that category.

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