How do I get aritzia discount?

Does Aritzia have promo codes?

Aritzia is one of the less active retailers when it comes to offering discount codes on its website.

Does Aritzia give a birthday discount?

No, Aritzia does not offer birthday discounts.

Does Aritzia have a military discount?

No, Aritzia does not offer military discounts.

How do I get free shipping on Aritzia?

Shipping Options

Receive free standard shipping within Canada for purchases of over $50, excluding taxes, when signed into an account. **Orders placed after the shipping cut-off time, will ship out the following business day. Please note we offer complimentary Standard Shipping for Aritzia gift cards.

Do Aritzia employees make commission?

Working at Aritzia means working for FREE

There is no commission. Workers clock out early so their sales per hour doesn’t drop after closing time cause then to work for free.

Does Aritzia take student discount?

No, Aritzia does not offer student discounts.

How much do you have to spend to be clientele at aritzia?

What are the Clientele Tiers?

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Tier Annual Spend Gift
Bronze $500 to $1000 gift (speakers in 2019)
Silver $1000 to possibly $2500 gift (speakers in 2019)
Gold possibly $2500 to $5000 gift (speakers in 2019)
Platinum $5000 to $10,000 higher tier gift (robe in 2019)

Do aritzia Super puffs go on sale?

Fans of Aritzia know that when the Canadian clothing brand hosts a sale, it goes big. … But luckily, that’s not the case with Aritzia’s winter 2020 sale — currently, the brand has more than 1,000 pieces up to 50 percent off, and select colorways of many of its puffers are included.

Is aritzia an ethical brand?

While the brand has a general statement about minimising animal suffering, it does not have a formal animal welfare policy. Aritzia still uses wool, leather, exotic animal hair, and down accredited by the Responsible Down Standard. It does not, however, use fur, angora, or exotic animal skin.

Does aritzia run small?

Or, pay close attention to the sizing chat online. A good majority of their pieces have a tendency to run really small. … If the piece appears more fitted, I’d recommend sizing up. If it’s more loose, You should be good to go with your typically size.

Does aritzia restock?

No restocks, but we can check a store nearby for you. Please Live Chat us on for the availability!

Does Aritzia still have free shipping?

Shipping Options

Enjoy free standard shipping within the US when signed into your Aritzia account.

Does FedEx deliver on the weekend?

Does FedEx deliver on weekends, including Saturday and Sunday? Yes, FedEx Home Delivery is an every-day delivery service, including Saturdays and Sundays with weekend delivery to most residential locations. Take a look at our FedEx Ground and Home Delivery service maps to check availability.

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How long do garage orders take to ship?

We ship only on business days. Business days are from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. Please note that shipping times do not include processing time – orders generally take 1-5 days to be processed.

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