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Brandon Does: “Dinova” x “Heritage Pizza”

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Welcome Heritage Pizza and Taproom in The Colony! In addition to being the quintessential grounds for your next business lunch or department dinner, Heritage Pizza is also one of Dinova’s featured restaurants (more on that in a minute)! Located near Nebraska Furniture, Heritage is no stranger to the “brick-house pizza” vibes. Walls donned with white painted brick…

Brandon Does: TGI Fridays’ “Choose Two Meats Off The Grill for $14.99”

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In a mecca of casual dining options it takes something epic to break through and truly entice diners. Something meaty. Something of value. Something is here. TGI Fridays recently launched a deal so juicy it deserves its own blog post. These deals include 6 oz. center-cut sirloin seasoned with a hickory smoked sea salt, topped…