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Where I Found Greatness In Dallas!

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Remember how great The Yellowhammers were?! Throughout the weeks as the stories have been shared on my Instagram, greatness was shared, “liked” and most importantly, embraced. From amazing people to phenomenal businesses – greatness seeps out of North Texas! In the season of giving I partnered with a true Texan staple, the Ozarka® Brand, for its Greatness…

Brandon Does: “Amorada Tequila” + Cocktail Recipe

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Texans are known for being passionate and so is Amorada Tequila. Founded on the premise of bringing people together Amorada Tequila set out to create an unmatched ultra-premium tequila with a flavor and price that couldn’t be beat. “I may not be the most interesting woman in the world but my Tequila sure is!” – Terray…

Brandon Does: “AMC Hulen 10″s New Renovations! 🎥

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Whether it’s date, family, girls or even guys night – the movie theatre is an escape. Like any escape we want the best experience possible. AMC Hulen 10 has made your escapes sweeter with their new first class renovations! First up, Fort Worth! First class experience? Check. Plush, leather, automatic reclining seats (with plenty of space to…

Celebrate S’mores Day at “Whole Foods” with S’mores Cups! 🍫

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August 10th is National S’mores Day and Whole Foods Market wants you to celebrate with this delicious organic campfire alternative…right from your own kitchen! S’mores Cups are the perfect handheld treat for any occasion (hello, preseason football)! When you shop for your enticing ingredients at Whole Foods you will not only taste the difference –…