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Brandon Does: Else Nutrition for Baby Peri!

· This post is sponsored by Else Nutrition ·

Else Nutrition

We always want to give her everything + a little extra, but we’re also going to do our best to give her the healthiest option. Which can be difficult when you’re a tired // working parent…in the middle of a pandemic. 🤦🏻‍♂️ One thing that isn’t difficult, is knowing that Peri should have safe food…

Brandon Does: Head Country’s Sweet + Sticky BBQ Sauce!

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Head Country S&S BBQ Sauce

My favorite is to use the sauce as a dip for my wings, while Jesse prefers a homemade BBQ Meatloaf. We’re really getting the hang of the whole cooking at home thing (minus a few not-so-yummy dinners 🤤). This new Sweet + Sticky sauce from Head Country has that great flavor that we can’t get…

Brandon Does: Choctaw Casino & Resort On a Dime! 🤑

· This post is Sponsored by Choctaw Casino & Resort ·

Choctaw Casino & Resort in Durant! First of all, I think my perfect getaway started with the casino + resort being located a quick one hour drive away from my casa in Frisco, Tejas. It literally couldn’t have been easier to separate from my normal routine to experience a fun + relaxing weekend trip! The…