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All right people, I need to tell you about a surprising combination that I never could have predicted would get me so excited: Chocolate and science.

I’m guessing most of you are with me on the chocolate piece (except my friend’s weird dad…) but I’m also guessing that you don’t read my blog or follow my accounts for up to date science facts. Well, strap in because I’m about to take your brains for the ride of their lives! And spoilers, if you’re smart you’ll order some of this Ethos Chocolate by A Fresh Look for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Ethos Chocolate

So, if you’re like me, you’ve probably seen the GMO label and thought it was something bad, but I’m learning that really isn’t the case. GM stands for “Genetically Modified” but like Vizzini, you keep using these words, but I don’t think they mean what you think they mean (The Princess Bride anyone?). I had an image of scientists in a lab pumping a syringe of chemicals into carrots to help them gain sentience or something, but the reality is actually much more mundane. Nearly every crop grown today could be considered a GMO. People have been selecting and cross-breeding crops to make them more useful for thousands of years. What was once the result of trial and error is now efficient, predictable and precise – a finely tuned way to pass beneficial, naturally occurring traits into the seeds farmers need to grow our food.


Here are some other GMO facts for you:

Billions fed, zero illnesses: Over the past 30 years, billions of people and animals have eaten food grown with GMO Farming with no ill effects. Annually, the US produces 9 billion farm animals, and 95% of them are raised on feed produced with GMO Farming.

Fewer, safer pesticides: All types of farming use pesticides, even organic, but GMO Farming lets farmers cut back dramatically, spraying less often, but with more targeted precision, using chemicals that break down quickly so they’re better for the environment.

Less water use, and less runoff pollution: Can cut herbicide runoff into local waterways by 70% [more] — notable as farms are among the top sources of pollution in the waterways we rely on for drinking water.

Less energy use and climate emissions: Equal to taking over 12 million cars off the road. GMO Farming methods have reduced the equivalent of nearly 500 billion pounds of carbon dioxide pollution from the air. [more]


So back to the chocolate! A Fresh Look is a non-profit cooperative funded and led by family farmers whose mission it is to educate people about the benefits of GMO farming so they can make informed food choices. They created the Ethos Chocolate brand as a way to help tell this story while delighting palates everywhere.

And you know what’s coming up? That’s right, Valentine’s Day. These gift boxes are absolutely gorgeous and Ethos has four different delicious chocolates that each tell their own tale about how GMOs are helping to solve real-world food problems. My personal favorite was “The Optimist.” I loved the smooth texture and the rich taste, but don’t let me boss you around, try them for yourself!


So take “A Fresh Look” at GMOs and order your friends or loved ones some delicious Ethos Chocolate this Valentine’s Day. Even better, they’re free!


Order here for free:


Stay hungry 🍫-y, Dallas.






This post was sponsored by A Fresh Look, all opinions are my own.

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Brandon Baker

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