Brandon Does: #BaconHour at McDonald’s 🥓

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February 4, 2019 0 Comments 6 Photos

Did someone say bacon? I did. I said Bacon.

For an extremely limited time, McDonald’s offered Bacon on three of its classics – Big Mac WITH BACON, Quarter Pounder WITH BACON, and last but definitely not least is Cheesy BACON Fries. You read that correctly. The best fries on this planet paired with cheese and bacon. You are welcome for this life-changing news.

During #BaconHour you could get a free side of bacon added to any menu item. I believe there were even some bacon Oreo McFlurries concocted. I stuck with the traditional Big Mac with Bacon, and let me tell you, it was a tasty treat. The best part is that the bacon McDonald’s carries is Applewood smoked bacon, which adds an extra kick. Now I am lobbying for bacon to be added to the Big Mac 24/7 year round.

The Ginger Marie Blog + Streets, Beats and Eats already know!

If you missed bacon hour, don’t despair, because bacon can still be added to any burger for an additional charge. So head over to your closest McDonald’s now to create your own Bacon Hour because as every Ron Swanson fan knows, most things are better with bacon. Actually, the world is just better with bacon.


Stay hungry bacon-y, Dallas.



Brandon Baker

Brandon Baker

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