Brandon Does: INWEGO Dallas’ Launch 🚀

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November 6, 2018 0 Comments 8 Photos

Attention to all of my would-be Dallas adventurers looking to get out more!

Planning to go out can often be a big hassle. Whether it’s sports, concerts, or other local events, it can be expensive, and often doesn’t allow for the spontaneity of wanting to go out tonight. I just tried something that I think might be a game changer that really turns all of that on its head. It’s called INWEGO. It’s a subscription service for these types of exciting outings! You can use it for concerts, sporting events, or other things you never would have thought you needed in your life (puppy yoga anyone?). You pay a flat monthly fee, and you can go to as many of these available events as you’d like. It’s super easy to use once you’ve subscribed: 1) Download the app, 2) Browse the upcoming events on your phone, 3) Get seats together with your other INWEGO pals (I know you’re a social butterfly), and 4) MAGIC – the ticket will be on your phone ready to go.

Let me tell you guys about my experiences with INWEGO so far.

First thing I tried it with was a Mavs game at the American Airlines Center. It was one of the smoothest experiences I’ve ever had going to a game like this. I secured my ticket in the app before-hand, and lo and behold – it was ready to go on my phone when we got there. The seats were great and the fact that I didn’t have to worry or stress about any of the process made the whole experience so much sweeter. The Charlotte Hornets did beat the Mavericks, but I am choosing to be magnanimous and not hold that against INWEGO… for now.

Next was an event at a Dallas Stars game. This was an INWEGO influencer event, but the magic worked just the same. Found the event I was interested in, secured my ticket, and it was ready for me in the app when I got there. I’m sensing this could actually end up being a problem for me. I do actually need rest people!

Finally, I got to see the talented Maggie Rogers at the House of Blues in Dallas. If I hadn’t been browsing the INWEGO app, I may have missed this one altogether! That would have been a shame because this show was incredible. Again I was able to just be in the moment and focus on the performance because of how easy it was to secure my ticket and get in.

I seriously can’t recommend this enough, guys. It’s only $39/month, and you can go to as many of these events as you can handle. The app makes it so easy to find exciting events, as well as secure and use the tickets. The INWEGO folks have provided a killer offer if you use my code to get 50% off first month! Just type BDD50 in the promo code section and let the good times roll.


Instead of starting another Game of Thrones binge fest, try INWEGO and get out there people!


Stay hungry eventing, Dallas.



Brandon Baker

Brandon Baker

Brandon is a Dallas born-and-raised, tech-loving, obsessive foodie. His blog is dedicated to all the fun and affordable food the Dallas metroplex has to offer.