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August 6, 2018 0 Comments 9 Photos

How do you cold brew?

If you would’ve asked me a few weeks ago the difference between cold brew and iced coffee I would’ve said… ice? Boy was I wrong! Cold brew is so much more complex and Stōk cold brew coffee is a prime example of that.

Over the last couple weeks we have been using Stōk cold brew to fuel our upcoming move back to Dallas (see ya later Fort Worth!). Not only is it DELICIOUS, but it is done right by a company that embodies all the things I love: respect, creativity, and passion.

Stōk coffee is made my stepping the coffee beans for 10 whole hours in cold water. The steeping removes bitterness resulting in a sweeter taste. After 10 hours of steeping the cold brew they filter it, giving it a wonderful full-bodied taste. Time and patience, not heat, is what makes this coffee great. It is the perfect refreshment after long days of packing, but also fuel to keep us going. Hello caffeine my old friend.

My go to has been the Not Too Sweet Black cold brew. Just like the name touts, you can grab this anytime during the day for a little pick me up. Goes with anything or is perfect to enjoy solo. You can really taste the attention Stōk gives to every bean in this brew. Every sip is smooth.

We have also been keeping a few other flavors stocked because it is such a great pick me up.

Looking for a protein boost? With 16 G of protein in every serving Stōk Protein Cold is a great on the go brew to keep hunger at bay. This has been perfect for those moments when we reach that hangry point with no food in sight.

Another winner is the Yerba Matte Cold Brew tea. Being a Texas guy I have gotta have my sweet tea and lucky for me this cold brew tea has 75% more caffeine. Yes please! Just when I think I can’t pack one more box I grab a cup of this and it powers me through.


Now that I have got you convinced, you can find cold brew at Wal-Mart. Use this link to locate a store near you and get your brew on! Or as Stōk would say,



Stay hungry fueled, Dallas.



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