Brandon Does: “AMC Hulen 10″s New Renovations! 🎥

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August 18, 2017 0 Comments 12 Photos

We spend up to three hours at them. They better be comfortable & convenient. The newly renovated AMC Hulen 10 movie theatre is all that and much more! 🍿

Whether it’s date, family, girls or even guys night – the movie theatre is an escape. Like any escape we want the best experience possible. AMC Hulen 10 has made your escapes sweeter with their new first class renovations! First up, Fort Worth!

First class experience? Check. Plush, leather, automatic reclining seats (with plenty of space to relax and recline)? Yes. Reserved seating? It’s yours. Polytouch kiosks, self-serve ticketing and concessions? Of course. Coke Freestyle machine…or something a little stronger? Please enjoy.

The facelift is first experienced upon arrival to the theatre, from the parking lot guests are greeted to a new modern exterior with natural wood and a vibrant fresh coat of paint! Hello, luxury. Upon entry it only gets better. When you first enter the lobby you’ll initially find the self-serve ticketing kiosks to your immediate right or left.

Pro Tip: Long lines at the ticket counter? Head inside to the self-serve ticketing kiosks where the line is sure to be shorter…especially if you pre-purchase online for instant printing! 🎟

With your ticket stubs in hand it’s time to hit the concessions! The large lobby is donned with multilayer ceilings providing congenial aesthetics and a sense of depth. Below the bright-red logo you will find ample associates ready to take your candy and soda order! In the mood for something more significant? Their menu includes everything from Chicken Strips to the infamous theatre Hot Dog.

Don’t forget your Coca-Cola!

With the Coke Free-Style Machine the possibilities are literally endless, my drink is officially Brandon-fied. Needing a stiffer drink, simply turn to your left and visit the full bar where you can have any elixir under the sun made just for you – or keep the mood alive with a glass of vino!

With half the concession stand in hand, it’s movie time! The finest upgrade of them all . . . the new opulent leather recliners!

Yes that’s right, leather recliners!

No more sharing a meager arm rest with a stranger. No more sizable noggins in the way. No more 90° angled backs. No more having to stand-up when a fellow moviegoer passes by.



No more mediocre theatre experiences. 


Not in Fort Worth?  The good news is AMC is working on theatre remodels in oodles of locations!

Find the nearest theatre nearest you at





Stay hungry comfy, Dallas.



Brandon Baker

Brandon Baker

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