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What is better than eating local? Drinking local. Introducing Dallas's own, Calamity Gin - a new up + coming gin you'll be glad you read about!

Calamity Gin is unlike any gin you’ve seen tasted before! Their combination of Old World and New World styles produces a unique taste, they call “Texas Dry”. Calamity Gin is a premium craft gin infused with wildflowers including Texas Bluebonnets. It doesn’t get more Texan than that, y’all! The taste profile is well balanced with juniper, floral notes and a fresh complex citrus finish. Whether it’s a French 75, Gin Fizz or Gin and Soda – Calamity Gin delivers the premium taste you’d expect on all fronts.

“Calamity Jane was a legendary character and icon of the American West. She was renowned for her sharp shooting and heavy drinking – but also for her heroism and charity towards others. Calamity Gin embodies the independent spirit of Calamity Jane and inspires all men and women to find their inner legend through confidence and determination.”

Calamity Gin has the versatility to suit all callings, a man’s drink or something dainty + pink. From the aromas to the artistic label Calamity stands out as the new kid on the block. Don’t judge a book by its cover but do judge a Gin by its label. 


Southwest Spirits and Wine has compounded and infused a variety of botanicals to create a unique approachable Texas Dry Gin.

Artisan Juniper was selected for its lighter characteristics to harmonize with the other botanicals

Cardamom acts as a subtle foundation leaving you with a hint of spice

Lemon is a dominate part of the citrus character providing fresh strong acidic tones

Bergamots‘ subdued mellow citrus character compliments the lemon while adding to the base notes

Grapefruit adds a boldness and depth to the citrus finish

Orange rounds out the various citrus notes making for a very soft touch of bitterness

Lavender creates the floral notes while bringing a pronounced spice to the profile

Rose gives the gin additional floral undertones while leaving you with a delicate soft sweetness

Texas Wildflowers (Bluebonnets) offer a unique component in balancing out the floral undertones



“Scents of violets, cherry peppered white petals of freesia and a honeyed white grapefruit are some of the olfactory music coming from the glass of this 80-proof Texan. The pepper gains ground on the palate, along with grapefruit rind and an elaborate bunch of blue flowers. The finish of vanilla and bread dough adds textural buoyancy.” – THE TASTING PANEL, March 2017


Check out the recipe for a stellar Calamity “Gin and Soda”!

Calamity Gin and Soda
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  1. 2 to 3 ounces Calamity Gin
  2. Soda water, to top
  3. 1 lime
  1. Fill a highball glass with ice and add Calamity Gin. Top with soda water, a few squirts of fresh lime and garnish with a lime wedge.
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Sip + enjoy!*

This 40 percent alcohol-by-volume gin will has a suggested retail price of $24.99 for a 750-ml bottle.




Stay thirsty, Dallas.



*Please drink responsibly!
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