Celebrate National Sushi Day at “Whole Foods Market”! 🍣

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Not only is it Father’s Day but it is also National Sushi Day! Whole Foods Market celebrates this day not only today but every single day. With their wide variety of hand rolled sushi rolls made in-store daily Whole Foods also has *wait for it* Sushi Burritos!

Whole Foods’ sushi uses only the highest quality products that meet all of Whole Foods’ quality standards, including the best seafood from companies that emphasize sustainability and responsible environmental stewardship. Not included are preservatives or other chemicals, so they can delivery healthy + delicious sushi at an affordable price!

My favorite thing about Whole Foods sushi? If you don’t see a sushi roll you like, let them know and they will craft your very own personal roll!

Back to that burrito! The salmon Sushi Burrito is out of this world! From the fresh ingredients (like the huge chunk of ripe avocado and Tajín coated rice) to the easy to hold, utensil-less burrito – this customer favorite has quickly become a Whole Foods Market staple.  

Whole Foods’ Mochi Ice Cream

To finish off your meal stop by their Mochi Ice Cream bar! With a wide variety of flavors and crisp colors see for yourself why this ice cream is all the rage!

What is mochi ice cream? Mochi ice cream is a confection made from Japanese mochi with an ice cream filling


Whether you need to sneak away from the office to grab a quick lunch or pop in on your way home for dinner – Whole Foods Market sushi is fail proof.




Stay hungry fresh, Dallas.



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Brandon Baker

Brandon Baker

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