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It only took me a decade but I've found my new choice vodka! Kruto Vodka has me for life now.

Margarita Monday, Tequila Tuesday, Wine Down Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, .etc. We live in a culture that enjoys drinking. With literally thousands of options at hand for your preferred elixir we turn to recommendations and word-of-mouth to help us find the best. I have never been an enormous vodka fan – until now! After opening the Kruto Flawless and taking a sniff – I could already smell the difference; 15 times distilled this vodka will make anyone an admirer!*

Kruto Vodka isn’t new to the game though, having won almost a dozen awards it’s evident they’re doing it right! Both vodkas, the Original and Flawless, are distilled over nine times – resulting in the smoothest velvetiest vodka. Kruto Flawless, my choice selection of the two, is distilled almost double that of the Original – fifteen times! How is that for drinkability.

I had the chance to chat exclusively with Roman Talis, the owner of Kruto Vodka – check it out below!

BDD: “Kruto” is a unique & intriguing name, how was the name originated? 

R: We couldn’t agree more, and the name itself has created a lot of interest. Kruto is a Russian word that translated, simply means “cool.” In a market dominated by vodkas named for their origin, we wanted to create a compelling name for the product that spoke both directly to its taste, and also the experience or sentiment while drinking it. “Wow, that is kruto.”

BDD: Aside from the obvious stellar smoothness of Kruto, what sets Kruto Vodka aside from the other top-shelve vodkas?

R: Kruto Flawless is distilled a stunning 15 times, so the smoothness is certainly a defining feature of the vodka. In fact, our corporate tagline is Kruto Makes It Smoother. We craft the vodka using the coveted summer wheat grain from the ecologically pure regions of Ukraine, and it is distilled using crystal pure water from an aquifer in Ukraine. We’ve heard that our fans call Kruto the “hangoverless vodka,” suggesting that its purity doesn’t leave them feeling regret after an evening of celebrating. Kruto makes the drinking experience smoother. It makes socializing smoother. It makes life smoother.

BDD: If you had to sell Kruto with just one sentence, what would it be?


BDD: What does the future look like for Kruto – will we see anything outside of this superior vodka?

R: We have developed quite a fan base in Texas, and with growing popularity – and requests for Kruto -we are planning to expand the brand across America in the very near future.

While we don’t currently have any plans to expand into the flavor market with our vodkas, we certainly won’t say that’s not a possibility in the future! We get suggestions and requests all of the time, and we pay attention to what our customers are saying.

There is additional information available at!


Check out the recipe for Kruto’s stellar “Kruto Mule”!

Kruto Mule
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  1. 2 parts Kruto Vodka
  2. 4-6 parts Ginger Beer
  3. Splash of Lime Juice
  1. Mix all ingredients in a Copper Mug over ice and garnish with a sprig of mint.
Brandon Does Dallas

Furthermore, Kruto has made quite the footprint in the LGBT community! In the past several months, Kruto has stepped up to the plate to fully sponsor LGBT fundraisers including two events for AIDS Interfaith Network, one of those being the Blooming Ball launch party.

Kruto is a member of the North Texas GLBT Chamber of Commerce, they have sponsored three of their most recent events  and hosted the cocktail lounge at their annual Celebration of Excellence Dinner this past April. They are also sponsoring the Caven Employee Benevolence Association (CEBA) shows at Rose Room to benefit their employee relief fund!


For me, Kruto is gold. You will always find it on my bar cart.


Stay thirsty, Dallas.



*Please drink responsibly!

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are truly my own.

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