Brandon Does: Brunch at “The Eberhard”

February 25, 2017 0 Comments 15 Photos

We know The Eberhard in Uptown is a hit for dinner and drinks but how is their brunch?

Recently I returned to the lavish Uptown spot The Eberhard for their new brunch offering!

From chandeliers to street lamps, every nook + cranny of The Eberhard is precisely decorated-no detail goes unnoticed. With a sixty five foot bar that stretches almost the length of the dinning room you’re sure to get prompt service!

To begin every brunch a round of mimosas is customary.

For $3 The Eberhard’s mimosas are an Uptown steal!

To compliment the OJ the table also ordered the Banana Nut French Toast: banana nut french toast sticks, bourbon brownl, syrup, granola + berry parfait. This was the second best dish of the early afternoon. It was succulent, sweet + uber feeling!

Pro-tip: share this dish, it is way too much for one person!

Next we ordered the French Quarter Chicken & Waffles. It photographed exquisitely + my wish that the allure continued upon first taste came true! Next we ordered one of our favorites of the afternoon, the Steak & Eggs. With a handful of country potatoes, two eggs any style + a savory steak – The Eberhard nailed it. Capping out at $21 it’s no wonder why this dish was the tables choice. Lastly we ordered the Bagel Sammy with country potatoes. A learning opportunity for the restaurant – the photo you see is actually two orders of potatoes. The sammy only came with what felt like a bite worth of potatoes so in turn we had to order a second side – combining them for what you see above (which should be the normal portion size for a $15 dish IMO). I’ve also been told this is now corrected! After the tiny golden additions the plate felt complete, the Bagel Sammy was scrumptious.

Mimosas, french toast + chicken ‘n waffles, oh my!


Behind The Scenes:


Q: We know The Eberhard in Uptown is a hit for dinner and drinks but how is their brunch?

A: Pretty darn good – despite a few hiccups they’re certainly off to a splendid start!






Stay hungry, Dallas.


(Disclosure: my trip to The Eberhard was comped for this piece.
All opinions are my own.)

Brandon Baker

Brandon Baker

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