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September 7, 2016 0 Comments 14 Photos

Historic Downtown McKinney has a new sandwich joint in town unlike any other! 

Butcher Board, which opened in late May 2016, has quickly made a name for itself in Downtown McKinney.

“Restaurateur Johnny Carros and Chef Jon Thompson (who are partners at Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen) opened Butcher Board May 25 on the square in McKinney’s historic downtown.

The fast-casual restaurant will specialize in sandwiches using bread from Village Baking Company and hand-carved cuts of meat. There will be 10 sandwiches to choose from, highlights include garlic and herb-crusted porchetta with apple-jalapeño relish, arugula and cabbage; smoked roast beef with caramelized onion au jus, horseradish cream, peppery green mix; and meatball loaf made with meatballs stuffed with mozzarella, and topped with tomato sauce.”¹

“Our sandwiches mostly focus on large, hot roasts, that are hand carved to order,” says chef Thompson in a statement. “When you walk into Butcher Board, the first thing you see are large cuts of juicy meat being sliced. We bring together many of the best aspects of a barbecue joint, a deli and bakery. Some of the meats that we don’t slice by hand we slice on the deli slicer, such as smoked turkey, honey glazed ham, and roast beef. We smoke brisket, pulled pork and turkey breast all using traditional barbecue methods. We bake Village Bakery’s ciabatta bread to bring the perfect crisp crust. We are excited to open this in downtown McKinney as we hope to fill a much needed gap for sandwiches.”

Butcher Boards industrial and wood donned decor fits this Texan sandwich joint precisely. Teetering on the edge of classic and modern, the restaurant mixes simple features with new technology, like the digital menus for example. Lined with windows an abundance of nature light shines through into the inviting dining room.

Butcher Board


Smoked Brisket w/ Fresh Pasta Salad

Smoked Brisket w/ Fresh Pasta Salad

Who could go to a BBQ sandwich joint an not order a Smoked Brisket sandwich? Not us. 🙅 Jesse ordered the sandwich with a side of Fresh Pasta Salad. Upon the ‘wiches arrival to the “butcher board” style table the sweet BBQ scent and handfuls of fresh green leafs were beyond enticing.

Mid-bite I was already sold, the bread itself could have been my entree 🍞. The barbecue-rubbed smoked brisket, crumbling in my mouth, was oh so tender. To balance the warm coated meat the earthy greens completed the simple sandwich. The Fresh Pasta Salad was, for me, a welcomed surprise-this pasta packs some serious heat. 🔥🚒 For people who do not favor spicy dishes-steer clear. For those who do, this salad reinvents what pasta salad should be!

Whole Hog w/ Creamy Potato Salad

Whole Hog w/ Creamy Potato Salad

Next, we went Whole Hog! 🐖 This beast of a sandwich centers pulled pork, honey glazed ham, bacon and swiss between two fluffy pieces of ciabatta bread. The melted creamy swiss perfectly lays atop the savory crispy bacon effortlessly. The sweet bacon meshes well with the semi-salty ham and barbecue pulled pork. This alone is worth the drive to McKinney. For this side we opted for the Creamy Potato Salad, one of my favorite sides. 💭 The irony here-I ended up trading Jesse for his spicy pasta salad as I didn’t quite favor the potato salad. He loved it (even more ironic, he doesn’t even like potato salad). Win win! 🏆

Butcher Board Menu 

With a modern spin on the BBQ sandwich, BB awoke every sense (yes, even 👂-the music is a sensational medley of classic rock, such as “Queen”)!

👑 And just like a “Queen”, Butcher Board was born to rule barbecue sandwiches. 💯




Stay hungry, Dallas.




¹: D Magazine

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