This week I stopped into Twisted Root Burger Co. for lunch at their newest Dallas location in Historic Downtown Carrollton. This location is nestled beneath the Union Carrollton Square Apartments on ground level. Their website mentions “because this location is located next to the historic grain silos on the old train tracks (right below the new DART train tracks!), we went with a vintage feed store theme. You’ll find burlap on the walls, and John Deere colors inside the huge dining and bar area.” Like all Twisted Root locations, this one is just as unique and dazzles with personality. In fact, Twisted Root’s flagship location in Deep Ellum dazzled its way onto Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives with Guy Fieri in 2009! They were also voted Best Burger by Dallas Observer 2008-2013, D Magazine Reader’s Choice 2011-2014, and most recently by 2015.

FullSizeRender(10)The front of the restaurant features garage style doors that rise when the weather is right for the ultimate patio experience.

I look forward to this in the Spring (did I mention they have 18 beers on tap, a full bar, 2 pool tables, and 7 big TVs).FullSizeRender

Notice the DART train tracks in the reflection?

The menu and ordering counter are located in the “Kitchen” (a room of its own separated from the dining room). The menu is located on the wall and is the first thing you see when you walk into the Kitchen, you can’t miss it. It features four panes of deliciousness (first two pictured below). Literally everything called my name so it took me a minute (or three). I stepped back and let other, more decisive, customers bypass.

FullSizeRender(3)I’m ready. I ordered the “Sexy Hawaiian” (I was determined to stay on theme with my “French Kiss“). The “Sexy Hawaiian” features jalapeno jack cheese, teryaki sauce, pineapple salsa, & prosciutto. I knew I would relish any burger listed but anything with pineapple holds a special place in my heart. For my side I opted for Quincy’s Fried Pickles, the best thing since bacon waffles (there is always a jar of pickles in my fridge as they are one of my favorite snacks). Once ordered I was given a celebrity name from a bucket in place of a table number (something Twisted Root is infamous for), Marlon Brando-fitting.

My lunch date played it safe and did a BYOB, Build-Your-Own Burger. She ordered a cheeseburger, medium well (all patties are prepared medium if not specified), with a side of Straight Cut Fries. Jane Fonda.

“Marlon Brando” FullSizeRender(6)FullSizeRender(7)It was love at first bite. The sesame bun was lightly buttered & grilled; the perfect combination of crunch and moistness. The burger (medium rare per my request) was just the right size for the bun and toppings. The marriage of flavors was transcendent; the spice from the jalapeno jack cheese, the sweetness from the teryaki sauce & pineapple salsa, and the gusto from the buttery bun & prosciutto. After writing this I may have to go back and grab another one this week, no joke! If you’re like me and favor burgers, rest assured you can turn this into a “healthier” choice by opting for a turkey or veggie patty! Quincy’s Fried Pickles were thickly cut (something you don’t always see with this tangy side item) and packed with flavor, a welcoming addition over fries any day.

“Jane Fonda”

FullSizeRender(8)FullSizeRender(9)“Jane’s” burger looked just as scrumptious. She opted for cheddar cheese with lettuce, tomato, and onion on the side. Everything was fresh and full of color. I will say she must have liked it because I didn’t get a bite.

FullSizeRender(5)On each table there are three original “Twisted Homemade” sauces:

Ancho-Chipotle Ketchup, Quincy’s Grandpa’s Secret BBQ Sauce, & Horseradish Dijon.

In the above photo notice through the screen the ordering counter & menu.

I saved the best for last! Being the avid pickle-lover that I am, one of my favorite things about Twisted Root is their “Pickle Bar”. It features four pickle flavors that are prepared in-house: (left to right) Ranch, Bread-O-Butter, Dill, Sweet & Spicy, and Atomic. My personal favorite is the Atomic. The bar has minute plastic ramekins with lids so you can take these little treasures to your table to enjoy or with your togo box. What will be your favorite Dill?

With a menu to please every burger junkie, hot dog connoisseur, and heath nut out there Twisted Root Burger Co. is sure to get to the root of your hunger!

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Stay hungry Twisted, Dallas.


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