Welcome to Brandon Does Dallas. A blog dedicated to all the fun and affordable food the Dallas metroplex has to offer. I have been an avid follower of many local food blogs but something was missing and for the longest time I couldn’t quite figure out what it was. I now know. Dallas was missing a blog tailored for every food fiend out there (such as myself). Many of the blogs I follow (and adore) feature restaurants I myself would rarely make it to, whether it be they are focused on one location that is too far to be convenient or just simply not budget friendly. Brandon Does Dallas will feature appealing restaurants (and food trucks!), new and seasoned, all over the metroplex, locally owned and chains alike, from Frisco to Uptown; Places you can bring the family for dinner or friends for Sunday brunch & mimosas. I will also be posting my favorite recipes along with local happenings such as musicals, concerts, and special events (I am Doing Dallas after all)!

The idea for the blog came to me after my list of “restaurants to try” fluttered onto a second (and then third) page. I thought, “wouldn’t it be nice if I shared my food experiences along this journey with other food fiends”? My goal is to entice my reader, that’s you (hi!), in any way I can. Whether it’s by opening the door if you will to that Pho joint down the street you’ve been perplexed about or simply by making your mouth water from across the country (or county). Follow me in my journey as a food & entertainment fiend in Dallas as I share my experiences along the way!

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Stay hungry, Dallas.


Brandon Baker

Brandon Baker

Brandon is a Dallas born-and-raised, tech-loving, obsessive foodie. His blog is dedicated to all the fun and affordable food the Dallas metroplex has to offer.